Walkera QR X350 Review

Walkera QR X350 Overview

China-based Walkera is one of the first companies to compete with DJI. The company has released its own drone with hopes of dethroning the original Phantom line from being the ideal option for a ready to fly Quadcopter with Camera. Let’s see how this UAV fares in our Walkera QR X350 review.

Walkera QR X350 Drone Specs

As with all our quadcopter reviews guide, we’ll begin by checking what’s inside the QR X350.

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Dimensions11.4 x 11.1 x 7.1 inches
Weight6.2 lbs.
Battery25C 3S 2200 mAh 11.1v LiPo
Flight Time12 minutes
Hover AccuracyN/A
Flight Speed12 m/s
Yaw Angular VelocityN/A
Tilt AngleN/A
Field of ViewN/A

The Pros

Where the QR X350 stands out is its use of the Devo7 controller. This RC makes navigating easier, but in the battle of ease of use, the DJI Phantom Quadcopter series would still win.

Durability is one of the X350’s core strengths. The frame is sturdy and the build is impressive. The propellers are a little too stiff compared to other drone models, but other than that, the X350 is pretty solid in this department.

Its built-in “smart” features are a definite edge against other drones, too. It has an altitude sensor that allows the drone to hold its position, depending on your specifications. The quadcopter depends on GPS as well, which gives it the feature to return home with just one key press. The LCD transmitter on the controller is a cool feature as well.

As for the battery life, the QR X350 isn’t half bad. It can fly from 10 to 15 minutes – which is the average flight time of most drones. What’s impressive is that it can stay midair this long despite its weight, which is at 6.2 lbs.

So how does the original QR X350 fare with its pro version? YouTube user tonytypes has posted a comparison video between the Walkera QR X350 and the Walkera QR X350 Pro. Check it out below:

The Cons

The first disappointment with this drone is the lack of a camera. The package never ships with a video camera, but you can buy a fairly decent mount for one. But even then, the gimbal’s not as superb as it should be. 

Now, if you do choose to mount a camera to it, the flight handling comes smoothly. As long as you’re within range, you can hover this quadcopter flawlessly to frame the video right.

Although the drone is ready to fly right out of the box, not everyone can fly it. The Devo7 allows you to control it, but the learning curve for its controls is rather steep. Beginners will have a hard time finding out how to effectively maneuver the machine, especially in tricky areas. Based on this, the manufacturer’s aim is clear: this drone is for intermediate and advanced users.

It falls slightly short in terms of overall support, but that’s negligible.

The Verdict

Nearly all QR X350 reviews give this drone mixed ratings – and for good reason, too. To put it bluntly, this UAV is neither for the newbie flying enthusiast nor the aerial photography fan. Its features, while decent, lack a few things here and there to be solid at a certain niche. 

Nonetheless, the Walkera QR X350 RTF Drone Quadcopter w/ Devo7 is exceptional at flying. If you have experience in flying a drone and if that’s the only thing you want to do with this GPS quadcopter, this is a good choice for you. Although, if you have the extra money, the better choice is to go for the pro version. 


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