What is SciAutonics LLC?
SciAutonics LLC was formed in May 2003 by employees of the Thousand Oaks based Rockwell Scientific Company (RSC) and external consultants for the main purpose of participating in DARPA's Grand Challenge by creating, developing, and racing a superior autonomous ground vehicle with newly developed robotic software. We desire to be a part of the development of groundbreaking software technology that will be instrumental in helping to forge the exciting new world of robotic ground vehicles. The company is composed of scientists, engineers, and consultants of various backgrounds, all with a desire to meet the challenge put forth by DARPA with creativity and ingenuity.

SciAutonics in the DARPA Grand Challenge

+++ SciAutonics team is among the semifinalists who have been selected by DARPA for participation in the NQE in September! +++

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 Moving forward in the spirit of innovation, SciAutonics plans to go  full steam ahead with participation in the next Grand Challenge. We feel that after Grand Challenge, not only do we have a solid foundation of  technology, ideas, and resources to build upon in creating a superior autonomous vehicle - but the focus, vision, and drive to make it all a reality!

RASCAL during DARPA site visit. Picture (c) Paul van Zuyle.
Picture © Paul van Zuyle.

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SciAutonics LLC has no paid employees, and all work (both software, technical and support activities)  is currently provided on a volunteer basis. The SciAutonics team has experts in several critical areas that need to be addressed  in order to win this race.  This team has developed the concept of our autonomous vehicle that will deal with the challenges:
Robust Autonomous Sensor-Controlled All-terrain Land-vehicle

DARPA Grand Challenge 2005