Parrot Disco Drone Review

Parrot’s Disco Review and Analysis

Paris-based technology company Parrot has an entry into the world of quadcopters and drones, and Parrot disco drone reviews say it’s taking the drone community by storm – or wing. The Disco drone is a fixed-wing drone that’s a bit of an unorthodox entry in the world of quadcopters; it’s not technically a quadcopter, after all, and even a seasoned drone user might find it difficult to adjust to the new controls and mechanics. 

That’s what’s cool about leaps in technology – there’s always room for novelty. In hindsight, the fixed-wing feature gives it a more natural state of flying. 

Flying with the Disco Drone

Parrot’s Disco Drone looks more like an airplane than the miniature helicopters we are used to seeing, and seeing it take flight is exhilarating. This drone is a fixed-wing aircraft, and it doesn’t “take-off” like a normal drone would. Instead of simply lifting off, you power it up and throw it like you would a paper airplane.

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If you think it’s going to drop down at the first few feet, think again. The Disco Drone can easily ascend up to 50 meters and can reach a top speed of 50mph. The drone has a 45-minute battery capacity at the first charge, and is compatible with almost any smartphone.

Controlling the drone is like flying an RC plane and most of the existing drone reviews applaud it for the relatively easy learning curve for beginners. Experienced quadcopter pilots, however, might need some time learning and adjusting to the new controls. The fact that it lacks a sense-and-avoid system means you really need to pay attention to your surroundings to avoid crashing it.

One thing we want to note is that landing this drone is completely different. It’s a fixed-wing aircraft, so you can’t land it like you would an ordinary quadcopter. Like a real plane, it needs some space to actually descend and land. When prompted, the drone will hover in circles and eventually glide back down to the surface.

Technical Specifications

The Parrot Disco Drone measures 1150 mm x 580 mm x 120 mm, has a wingspan of 1150 mm or 45”, and weighs approximately 750gs.  It uses GPS + GLONASS and its internal navigation system boasts a 3-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer.

While the auxiliary parts of the drone are worth mentioning, our Parrot Disco Drone review will focus more on the camera’s performance. The drone’s specs include a 1080p FULL HD camera with 360p and 720p video streaming capabilities. It’s not exactly at the top end of the market, considering the top-of-the-line drones are boasting 4k capabilities.

However, the camera shines when paired with Parrot’s Cockpit glasses, which is VR support for the drone, allowing you to literally see from a bird’s eye view.

The drone’s controller, Skycontroller 2, is smaller than its previous iteration, but retains the same range of 1.9km (1.2 miles). Some drone reviews for the Disco take the range as a sore point because it’s a bit limited, considering that the drone can reach up to 50mph.

The controller itself is easy to use and can be picked up rather easily by both beginners and experienced fliers.

The Disco Drone: Worth the Price?

The Disco Drone’s current price is at $1,299.99 and for those looking to experience immersive flight, the FPV pack is an additional $349.99. The price is rather steep considering that similar quadcopters are at a lower price. You might find these drones at a lower price on Amazon, but because it’s relatively new, you won’t see a considerable drop in price just yet.

So what’s our final verdict? The Disco Drone’s an interesting entry in the world of quadcopters. It’s a fixed-wing aircraft that’s easy to pick up but might require some time learning the controls if you’re an existing quadcopter pilot. 

Its rather average camera, lack of sense-and-avoid system, and large demand for space let it down a bit. It does get plus points for providing an immersive flying experience thanks to its VR capabilities. If you’re looking for a different flying experience and have lots of space for flying, this drone’s for you.