Best Quadcopter for Beginners

Best Starter Drones in 2016

Do you want to start flying a quadcopter, but don’t know how? Don’t worry; we’re ready to help you deal with that. We may not be able to provide tutorials on how to pilot unmanned aerial vehicles, but we can make the buying process easier for you. We have come up with a list of the best quadcopter for beginners available on the market today. 

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Check out these five UAV models in the running to be the best beginner quadcopters in 2015:

Blade QX3D

The Nano QX 3D is one of the top choices before venturing into more advanced build and fly drones. This lightweight quadcopter has the trademark SAFE® Technology from Blade, which comes with different flight modes for easier maneuvering. Its build, frame, and features also make it capable of flying indoors, although it’s also strong enough to withstand some pretty harsh winds.See Review

Estes Proto X

They say if you want to do something, start small. In the case of drone flying, you can do that with the Estes Proto-X. Dubbed as the world’s smallest quadcopter, this ready-to-fly UAV is not only convenient, but also easy to master. 

It has an intuitive controller, which also receives a live video feed of the drone’s camera. This allows you to familiarize what the drone sees and the basics of flying. The Proto-X has a model without the camera and FPV technology, if you just want to fly a mini quadcopter. See Review

Hubsan X4 H107D 

Any quadcopter from Hubsan’s X4 line has a decent shot at being the best starter drone around. But based on our reviews, the X4 H107D is by far the most ideal option. Its lightweight (but durable) build and user-friendly controls are exceptional if you have little to no experience in piloting a drone. The X4 H107D has a basic camera and FPV monitor, allowing you to navigate it even when out of sight. See Review

Parrot Rolling Spider

Who said drones can’t have wheels? The Parrot Rolling Spider got some attention for having two wheels – and apparently, these work to the quad’s advantage. The detachable wheels of this beginner drone allow the machine to perform acrobatic tricks, fly indoors, and climb walls. Plus, you can steer and fly the Rolling Spider only with your smartphone. See Review

Syma X5C

Syma has a lot of quadcopters to offer for newbies, but the X5C is arguably its best beginner quadcopter so far. It has a 6-axis flight control system that comes with a 3D lock. It also has blade protectors that shield the props from minor crashes. The equipped HD camera is an advantage, too, as it allows for basic photography and videography. See Review

All these hobby drones are low-cost and easy to fly. With any of these quadcopters, you can finally spend some time outside flying a machine without having to spend thousands of dollars on high-end camera-equipped UAVs

If you want to learn more about these cool unmanned aerial vehicles, browse our site for the comprehensive reviews. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have questions regarding the products we have unboxed, tested, and reviewed.


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