Cheerson CX-20 Auto Pathfinder Review

Cheerson CX-20 Auto Pathfinder Overview

Cheerson has yet to break into the top ranks when it comes to drones. We’re not saying that their products are bad, it’s just that other brands have better units. This time around, we’re taking a look at their CX-20 drone, particularly its highs and lows, and whether this model is worth a second look for beginners and professionals alike.

CX-20 Auto Pathfinder Specs

First off, just to make it clear, this is a Cheerson CX-20 Auto Pathfinder review. The CX-20 may come in with a different name, depending on your location, but just so everybody is on the same page, this one is about the Auto Pathfinder. 

Dimensions30cm x 30cm x 20cm
BatteryRechargeable 11.1V 2700mAh Lithium Battery
CameraNone (Only has camera mount)
Flight Time15 minute
NavigationFully GPS guided

Similar to other drones, this Cheerson unit comes with pretty decent specs:

What’s in the Box

Unlike other drones, this RC quadcopter comes only with the basics: the machine itself, battery, and charger. The drone includes the remote control, aircraft and camera support, propellers, and a standard user manual.

Despite the lack of camera and batteries for the controller, the drone comes out of the box ready to fly.


The CX-20 Auto Pathfinder has a decent flight time average of about 15 minutes, with a 2-hour charging time. The rechargeable battery does enough to make flight time worth it, but a longer battery life could have propelled more users towards it.

The 15-minute flight time is on par with other similar-sized drones, such as the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. Compare both models side by side and the CX-20 is the better option moneywise. Add the fact that the 2700mAh 20 C 3C battery only takes a couple of hours to charge, and you can have fun all day if you have a multiport charger and several batteries to play with.

While the lack of batteries for the remote controller is a small thing, it could have been an added convenience if included.


Most Cheerson CX-20 Auto Pathfinder reviews agree the design is impressive. Its compact, highly-integrated design means you can easily carry it in your backpack. In the simplest description, it kind of resembles a white Blade QX 350 or a DJI Phantom. The overall sleek look makes it easy to capture the attention of other and impress them. 

The camera support is positioned properly to allow a wide-ranging view of whatever it is you’re shooting. The exterior is made with ABS plastic, which provides decent durability. 


There is no camera for the CX-20, but it has an external removable mount for light and handy cameras. Scouring several quadcopter reviews, GoPro looks like the most compatible camera brand.  


Perhaps the most important selling point of the Cheerson CX-20 is its easy navigation, provided you have prior knowledge and skills about flying drones. It has an integrated flight dynamics system (the MX + GPS multi-rotor autopilot system) which allows for easy flying. Flight parameters and functions are pre-programmed, so you can fly it the moment it arrives. Echoing the same sentiments as other camera drone reviews, the model’s autopilot system does a great job in keeping the unit stable.

The CX-20 has a max flight speed of 10m/s and can climb a max of 6m/s. This balance between speed and stability allows you to experience the beauty of the Auto Pathfinder to the fullest. The 1.5km flight range is an added bonus, as it is wider than many other models. 


It comes with the two flight control modes: GPS Altitude and Altitude Control mode. You can switch between the two to find a flight experience that suits your needs better.

The Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) function, meanwhile, keeps you from losing control of your drone. If your unit ever goes into a spin, it will always steer itself in the direction you push the controls. This makes it easy to regain control and set it straight again after a spin.

When the controller and transmitter go out of range, the failsafe function of the MX autopilot kicks in, making it hover in place until connection is re-established. Its one-press Return-to-Home function is also commendable in helping avoid crashes and landing mistakes.

The Verdict

Overall, this Cheerson CX-20 Auto Pathfinder review finds the drone a good bang for your buck. There are a few minor problems here and there, but you can’t really expect much from a drone that costs a lot less than a DJI Phantom. With all its features and reliability, it’s a good buy. It’s a full-size drone with a more affordable price tag—not minding the lack of camera, there’s a lot to like about the CX-20. Just make sure you buy an original unit. Hopefully, the CX-20 is the one to propel Cheerson into the big leagues.

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