Toruk AP10 Drone Review

AEE Toruk AP10 Quadcopter Drone Review

Very few drones can combine fun and flight with an impressive camera setup. That’s probably because most quads are built as drones and the camera is just added at the later part of the design process.

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While it’s true that finding the right balance between stunning optics and incredible stability is quite the challenge, there might be a unit that comes close: the AEE Toruk AP10.

This is what the Toruk AP10 quadcopter by AEE aims to address. This bird has been praised in many quadcopter reviews for its excellent performance in capturing photos and videos in midair. We’re taking a closer look at what makes this bird tick and if it really deserves all the positive reviews. Here’s our AEE Torulk AP10 review.

What’s in the Box

AEE provides all the basics you need to put together, fly, and maintain this quadcopter drone. The whole package comes with the Toruk drone itself, the LiPo battery, a USB cable for charging, remote control/Wi-Fi range extender, a smartphone mount, landing gears, an AC transformer, eight self-tightening propellers, and a wrench. 

It’s a pretty basic setup, even people with no mechanical skills can put it together, provided they follow the instruction manual properly.


Fitted with an 11.1 V, 5300 mAh 3S high-capacity battery, the Toruk AP10 is capable of flying for an average of 25 minutes. When the battery is about to run out, the UAV shines a light to let you know of the battery status. The emergency landing function also kicks in automatically, so it doesn’t just drop out of the sky and fall.


Weighing in at 1300 grams (battery included), the AEE drone is pretty light. The weight is reasonable, especially when compared to other drones in its class. The drone’s build is sturdy, but could use some toughening in certain parts, especially on the wings/arms.

The compact design helps keep it stable, while the landing gear can take a fall from a few dozen feet. It would have been nice if there were a guard of some sort for the propellers, especially since these are pretty much exposed.

Toruk AP10 Drone Specifications

One standout with this aerial photography drone is what’s under the wings—a lot of tech and specs that make for a wonderful flight experience.

Dimensions14.6 x 14.6 x 5.5 inches
Battery5300 mAh, 11.1 V 3S high-capacity
Camera16MP Full HD 1080P/60fps, 1080P/30fps, 720P/60fps
Flight Time25 minutes

Naturally, you would fly this outdoors, so crashing into trees and other obstacles might be unavoidable. The body can withstand most of the impact, but according to some AEE Toruk AP10 reviews, the rotors might sustain minor damages. Replacements are available, though.

Other than that, there’s not much problem with the UAV’s design and build.


Probably the Toruk AP10’s crowning glory is its camera. What makes it different from other drones is not the camera specs per se, but the company itself. The Toruk drone’s big advantage over other aerial photography drones is that this one is made by a camera company.

AEE describes themselves as one the leading action camera companies in the world, so when it comes to cameras and flying them, there’s that added credibility that the makers of the drone know what they’re doing.

The quadcopter camera has HD video capture and recording capabilities. It can snap full 16-megapixel still photos using its feature-packed, integrated AEE MiniCam it carries onboard. This means taking aerial photos and videos won’t be a problem.

The MiniCam can shoot videos in high-definition, at 1080P/60fps, 1080P/30fps, and 720P/60fps. It has a sweeping 120° viewing area thru an f/2.8 lens aperture. The camera is mounted under the drone body, but stability won’t be an issue.

What’s great is that the whole bird is designed to give you an unrestricted, unblocked view of whatever you’re shooting, so you get the most of the camera.


Control of this incredible drone is through a multi-tasking, intuitive remote control, which doubles as a real time Wi-Fi remote video on smartphones. You can control it using the joystick on the remote or via Wi-Fi from your smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS compatible).

The 25 minutes of flight time is made possible through the effective, dynamic design. It also does a pretty good job in handling low to moderate gusts of winds outdoors.

With its 25.4cm long propellers, the Turok AP 10 can zip through the air at 25 m/s and reach a maximum altitude of 500 meters. Keeping control of the unit midflight is also very easy: the roll, pitch, and course angles can be controlled +/-1. It also comes with intelligent control and cruise control.

Turok AP10’s design and smooth contours have been tested in a wind tunnel, so you can be sure it flies smoothly without a lot of problems in your photos and videos. It is also very resistant to vibrations and radiations, which adds to the fun experience.

It has several configurations for civilian activities and comes packed with features such as Auto Hovering, auto Return-to-Home GPS in case of loss of visual flight control, high tech security system, and easy switching between Manual and GPS flight mode.

From what we’ve experienced, however, this one’s not really a drone for beginners.
The Verdict

With all its features and praiseworthy camera, the AEE Toruk AP10 can well be considered a competitor to the DJI Phantom. And with its more affordable price tag, it could definitely soar higher than the Phantom series.

Our AEE Toruk AP10 review gives this bird a thumb’s up—definitely worth the purchase. 


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