DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Review

Phantom 2 Vision Plus Drone Review and Analysis

If you’re looking for a new quadcopter with camera, you might want to check out DJI Innovations decent offering: the Phantom 2 Vision+. We’ll take a look at this aerial photography drone and how it fares with the other quadcopters available today.

The Pros

This manufacturer’s true strength is making drones that are easy to use. The Phantom 2 Vision+ is no exception, as flying it comes really easy. Setting it up is plain and simple, no issues there. In terms of navigability, the Vision+ is practically flawless.

The Phantom 2 Vision Plus has a GPS autopilot system, a feature that’s priceless for beginners. Programming the drone makes it capable of hovering in place and returning to the point where it took off if ever it ventures outside the user’s control range.

The Vision+ is no slacker in the durability department either. The build is sturdy enough to withstand minor crashes. Of course, if you do crash it someplace, some manual recalibration may be necessary. Nonetheless, the tough exterior gives this aerial photography drone some plus points.

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Its battery life is also impressive. Most quadcopters can only fly for a few minutes, but the Vision+ can reach up to 25 minutes in the air. Note that you have to factor in the power it consumes for take-off and landing, though. Also, using the camera drains its battery faster. It’s best to have one or two backup batteries to fully enjoy what this UAV is capable of.

But the real deal with the Vision+ is the mechanism it uses to support the built-in camera. Compared to the past Phantom iterations that carry camcorder stabilizers, the Vision+ features DJI’s 3-axis gimbal technology. The gimbal just does its job so well, to the point that all video clips appear smooth even if there are sudden movements. This mechanism also allows the camera to tilt up to 90-degrees, making it possible to take shots that look straight ahead, straight down, and any angle in between.

The Cons

There’s a lot of bad buzz going on about this quadcopter’s camera, but it’s not as bad as you might think. With a 1/2.3” 14 megapixel sensor, it records smooth 1080p videos at 30fps, a leap from the typical 720p you’ll find in other drones. The camera is also adjustable in terms of exposure compensation, white balance, ISO, and field of view.

Despite these features, the quality of the clips isn’t that amazing. At best, the end result is comparable to what lower mid-range POV cameras offer today. For this, the Phantom 2 Vision+ sits somewhere in the middle of the list for best photography drones.

Phantom 2 Vision Plus Specifications

Let’s take a quick look at what’s under the chassis of the Phantom 2 Vision Plus. This UAV has had some significant improvements from the first Phantom versions. Here are the full specs of this DJI-made machine:

Dimensions17 x 8.1 x 12.5 inches
Weight1160 grams
Battery5200 mAh, LiPo
Camera1/2.3”, 14-megapixel sensor, 1080p video output
Control RangeVertical: -90°-0°
Flight Time25 mins max
Hover Accuracy0.8m vertical, 2.5m horizontal
Flight Speed10 m/s
Yaw Angular Velocity200°/s
Tilt Angle35°
Field of View110°/85°

Another area where it falls short is the fact that the camera isn’t customizable – so no, this isn’t the best quadcopter for GoPro. Yes, the 14 MP isn’t bad at all. But experienced users might find it quite bothersome that they cannot fit this UAV with the camera they want to use.

If you prefer using your own action camera, you’re better off with the camera and gimbal-free Phantom 2. We have a comprehensive DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus Review

The Verdict

To conclude, DJI Innovations did a pretty good job with the Phantom 2 Vision+. While it may lack a few functionalities and features for experienced users, this is still one better aerial photography drones for beginners.

It’s not in the running for the best, but it holds up its own niche as a newbie-friendly and easy-to-use drone. The camera and the lack of customization options are the only true cons of this machine, but these are negligible.

All in all, you’ll still get a good value for money deal. If you’re new to drone photography and you have no intentions (at least for the foreseeable future) of tinkering with the UAV you’re using, you won’t regret flying this DJI quadcopter.

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