Cheap Quadcopter Drones

We all know UAVs are fun to fly, but they are also an expensive hobby. Certain quadcopters on the market cost over $2,000 or $3,000, depending on the features. This, however, doesn’t mean budget hobbyists have no place in this field. With a quick search online, you can find the best but cheap quadcopter drones​ to buy.Cheap Quadcopter Drones 

There are literally dozens of drones under $1,000 available today – but not every model offers great value for its cost. is here to help you distinguish which brands and models are best when it comes to affordability and value. 

For the sake of this list, we’ll define value drones as quadcopters below $500 with a decent set of features. With what’s on the market so far, here are our Best Value Quadcopters in 2015 in no particular order:

Blade 350 QX3

drones under $500First on the list is the Blade 350 QX3. We have reviewed this model and we can say that this top rated drone presents great value for a sub-$500 quad. It has a built-in camera complete with a stable gimbal. The controls are easy enough to master, even for those without a lot of experience in flying. The best part is that this unmanned aerial vehicle has different modes of flying, which you can adjust depending on your need. See Verified User Reviews

DJI Phantom Aerial UAV

best drones under 500The first Phantom Drone from DJI is also a superb choice for a best value drone. As the model is a little older, its price has dipped below $500 – all without sacrificing the essential features. Navigation comes easy with its SAFE® Technology, plus the airframe is durable enough for minor crashes. It may not have a camera, but its build and features definitely offer a good deal. See Verified User Reviews

Hubsan X4

best drones under 500Now, if what you want is simply to fly a quadcopter without having to worry about image resolution, the Hubsan X4 (H107L) is for you. This micro drone has all the basics of a good drone – decent battery for its size, precise controls, and sturdy frame. Yes, this is a mini drone geared towards beginners, but the value it offers for less than $100 is truly worth it. See Verified User Reviews​


Parrot A.R.Drone 2.0

best camera drones under 500Parrot deserves all the hype that surrounds its contender in the best value drone category: the Parrot A.R.Drone 2.0. It comes with a 720p camera that can record video at 30 fps – which, while not that impressive, is decent enough for a quadcopter below $500. The FreeFlight app is intuitive in terms of navigation, too. And thanks to its carbon fiber structure, its lightweight build helps give the drone extra power while airborne. See Verified User Reviews

Walkera QR Y100

budget camera droneYou can also take a look at Walkera’s take on a hexacopter: the QR Y100. This model features the same Bind and Fly feature most drones from this manufacturer has, meaning you can pair it right away with a Devo transmitter and fly it. It has large propellers with enough power to fly for more than the average time of 15 minutes. The futuristic design of this UAV works to its advantage, too. See Verified User Reviews


When you’re looking for the best quadcopter for the money on the market today, consider any of these five. The craftsmanship and features of these drones put you in a great position to start flying sans the overspending. 

Refer to our reviews to learn more about these drones. If you have any questions, contact us.



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