Best Cheap Mini Quadcopters for 2015

The big players are serious in pushing the bounds of drone technology – particularly by shrinking the size of the typical multicopter. The year of the micro quadcopter is upon us. Given how the big players have been acting in the past months, this year might be when we get to see the best mini quadcopter of all time. 


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Before we proceed with writing the best quadcopter reviews for these machines, check out which drones are still in the running to becoming this year’s star. We have compiled a list of the top mini quadcopter from each of the major manufacturers. Take a look at our guide below:

Blade Nano QX

The Blade Nano QX is your best choice if you consider flight features as the selling point of any mini quadcopter. It has several flight modes that allow you to steer the machine in any way you like. The stability mode limits its acceleration in exchange for easier flying. Agility mode, on the other hand, pushes the quadcopter’s limits in terms of flying. Flight tricks are easy to pull off in this mode. Without a doubt, this is Blade’s best mini quadcopter to date.

RC Logger Eye One

RC Logger may not be as big as DJI Innovations and 3DRobotics, but it certainly has made a mark with its own small drones. The Eye One is proof of that, which is the brand’s top micro quadcopter. Drone reviews point out that it has an excellent price point at USD39. True enough, that amount is considerably lower than other models. What’s impressive is that the price doesn’t deprive you of a small drone’s must-have specs and features. 

Hubsan X4 H107L

In one of our reviews, we checked what the Hubsan X4 H107D can do – and it did deliver. Now, what its successor offers is much better. For starters, it has a bulletproof body, so durability is its greatest edge. The Hubsan X4 H107L features the capability to fly both indoors and outdoors. Normally, this feature is for High-end Quadcopters, but this bird has it.

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Walkera Ladybird

From Walkera, the micro drone of choice is the Ladybird. This has been around for quite some time now, but it remains a good contender to be the best mini quadcopter out there. It has a decent price point at around USD68, plus its features are surprisingly impressive. Fans of small UAVs would have fun flying this machine.

Syma X1

The Syma X1 is something you should consider if you are looking for an excellent starter UAV. It’s not the smallest drone among other machines in this category, but it’s enough to stand out from the rest of its competitors. What makes this noteworthy is its durable build, which can withstand minor crashes without breaking anything. Plus, it has quite a following, which means it’s easy to look for technical support and spare parts.

These drones are our team’s source of excitement for the remaining months of 2015. We know for a fact that manufacturers will continue to churn out more powerful UAVs in the future, which is why we’re keeping our hopes up for the next releases. Soon enough, we’ll get to see that mini quadcopter that would serve as a true game changer in the industry.


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